Q1 What is 925 Sterling Silver?

A1 925 Sterling Silver is an alloy containing 92.5% silver. It is not possible to make jewellery with 100% pure silver it is a very soft metal.

Q2 Does this jewellery turn black?

A2 Silver turns black when it comes in contact with air and gets oxidised, however all our jewellery is plated with nickle free rhodium. So the silver does not come in direct contact with air and it does not turn black.

Q3 What care is required for silver jewellery?

A3 To keep your jewellery shining you need to love and pamper it. Every piece of jewellery requires some protection for enhanced polish life, silver jewellery is no different. You do not require any special protection for silver jewellery. Like any other piece of jewellery it is recommended to keep it away from perfumes, chemicals, steam. Some additional care like removing jewellery when washing hands can go a long way in keeping the shine of your jewellery for long.

Q4 Is this jewellery skin friendly?

A4 Yes silver jewellery is skin friendly. Silver is being used for ornaments since ancient times. All our jewellery is plated with nickel free rhodium which is approved as an international standard for jewellery. Also silver is considered good for health astrologically.

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